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Here is a collection of my favourite poetry,
Mr May has admitted to liking poetry.
He has even inspired me to write some.
He likes poetry, I like him.

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Friday, 17 April 2015

Omnia Vincit

Fain would I change that note
To which fond Love hath charm'd me
Long long to sing by rote,
Fancying that that harm'd me:
'Love is the perfect sum
       Of all delight,'
I have no other choice
Either for pen or voice
       To sing or write.

O Love! they wrong you much
That say thy sweet is bitter,
When thy rich fruit is such
As nothing can be sweeter.
Fair house of joy and bliss,
Where truest pleasure is,
       I do adore thee:
I know thee what thou art,
I serve thee with my heart,
       And fall before thee!